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Why are Handwritten Thank You Cards Always Appreciated?

We can all agree that there is something uniquely special every time we receive a handwritten card. It feels like winning a prize or getting a huge gift. It always brings us excitement and opening something written by the hand takes us back to the good old days of nostalgic exchanges of handwritten letters or notes. Handwritten notes and letters indeed bring a lot of positivity in our life.

Thank you cards are expressions of gratitude and getting a handwritten thank you note is really something special these days when most people are hooked on the digital way of sending messages. With the usual casual ‘thank you’ sent over emails, the mere value of expressing gratitude is as not as powerful as handwritten thank you card. Here are a few reasons why.

Emails are often unread, toss in the spam box or deleted. Emails are sent by the millions each day and more often, they are left unopened and even worst, they get lost somewhere in the email folders. Admit it, we usually open an email only when expected and left most emails that we often get by the dozens each day neglected. A beautifully created handwritten thank you card on the other hand, will be welcomed with such gusto, kept in a safe place and read from time to time, to relive happy memories that warm the heart.

A handwritten thank you card is a genuine expression of gratitude. From selecting a nice card to composing a special message by handwriting, a handwritten thank you card can genuinely express gratitude. It takes time, effort and reflection to execute a nice handwritten thank you note because there are etiquettes that must be followed. It could only mean that you went an extra mile in saying your sincere ‘thank you’. There is a greater value in handwritten vs typed letters for the genuine effort spent in it which makes every handwritten note or messages more heartfelt.

Connection is personal with handwritten thank you cards. Emails can never replace handwritten words in making a personal connection. It would never equate the value of reaching out on a personal level to that someone that you need to express gratitude through a handwritten thank you card.

Handwritten thank you cards are highly appreciated. Saying thank you via email is surely the quickest and the most convenient way but nothing beats a nice handwritten thank you note. Anyone who receives a personalized handwritten note or automated thank you cards that are written by the hands, would be delighted in knowing that you genuinely care. It is more valued and appreciated than electronically sent email.

In this era of too much digitalization, there are things that should still be valued and promoted just like personalized handwritten cards or letters. Old school and obsolete as it may seem to other people, but you can’t underestimate their value in making personal human connections. The world has been very busy and that busyness made a lot of people to miss the warmth of a personal relationship. Through a handwritten card or letter, we can simply but honestly send the message we want to impart to anyone we want to connect with. Sometimes, human needs tangible things to feel being loved and cared. Let us relive the art of handwriting, because it is something that will always be treasured as times pass by.

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